IT Naturally transform customer experience with Talkdesk

In these unprecedented times, people across the world are facing challenges, the likes of which have not been seen for generations. For businesses too, 2020 has been fraught with uncertainty and a challenging environment for public and private sector organisations alike. Amidst the unknown, what has become very clear is that, now more than ever, communication is key. Keeping in touch with families, friends, colleagues and customers is vital in ensuring that people are informed and businesses are able to continue to provide the services that those people rely on. In this changing business landscape, where working remotely is the new ‘normal’, technologies that enable organisations to stay connected with customers (and each other) are fundamental in enabling that to happen.

Talkdesk is one such technology, as demonstrated most recently with our implementation of its cloud contact centre into UK-based technology firm, IT Naturally.

Like many businesses at the moment, IT Naturally needed to support business continuity as agents began to shift to remote working. The Talkdesk platform provided them a reliable cloud-based contact centre with which their customer service agents could use to not only keep operations moving forward, but level up their ability to service customers with world-class contact centre capabilities. 

Although prompted by the current climate, the move to Talkdesk also solved a prominent, pre-existing business problem for IT Naturally, in that their previous contact centre solution experienced frequent service interruptions and outages several times a week. As such, we accelerated the implementation process, and the team and I worked in close collaboration with IT Naturally to deliver a fully functioning contact centre solution just five days after they’d signed up.

“In the rapidly changing landscape we all now find ourselves in, it’s imperative that the connection between us and our customers is always open and stable,” said Richard Gardner, Chief Executive Officer, IT Naturally, “customer service, and the contact centre specifically, is the lifeblood of IT Naturally. It is vital to our success and we are confident that our move to Talkdesk will sustain and strengthen the connection we have with our customers.” 

Richard Gardner, Chief Executive Officer

About Unifii

The team at Unifii are passionate about supporting companies navigate the ever-shifting business landscape through the effective implementation of technologies that not only support business continuity, but streamline operations and fundamentally transform customer experience. 

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