Bridge performance gaps. Fix issues. Level up your instance with Unifii’s ServiceNow Health Check

Understand your platform to avoid common configuration errors, gain efficiencies and accelerate upgrades with Unifii’s ServiceNow Health Check.

Why our clients use it

An in-depth review of the technical configuration and process maturity of your ServiceNow implementation.

Most clients request our ServiceNow Health Check for one of three reasons:

Unifii Shield Health check

To avoid underlying issues growing into major problems

Unifii's platform improvement health check

To ensure the platform is ready for any kind of improvement work

Unifii's outputs health check

To understand the outputs of a ServiceNow Health Scan

We run our ServiceNow Health Check remotely, with no impact to your instance, and compare both the technical configuration and process/user journeys of our of clients’ instance against best practice coding standards and platform configuration.

Unifii finding issues health check

Find issues before they grow

Unifii fixing issues health check

Fix common configuration errors

Unifii accelerate upgrades health check

Accelerate upgrades

Unifii ID key areas health check

ID key areas for instance optimisation

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