“Having a team of ServiceNow experts on call that I don’t have to recruit, train or manage is a game-changer”

Agreed-outcome, fixed price ServiceNow platform support and optimisation with Unifii’s ServiceNow Managed Services.

What is so different about it?

A modern alternative to traditional managed support

With Unifii’s ServiceNow Managed Services, get fixed price, on-demand support for bug fixes, defect remediation or small scale, agreed-outcome projects to optimise your ServiceNow instance for peak performance. Here’s what our clients are saying:

What our clients did before
  • … had to commit to a full-time team regardless of workload
  • …relied on individuals’ knowledge of ServiceNow
  • …had to recurit, train and manage permanent/contract staff
  • …paid fixed day-rates
  • …outsourced work off-shore to try and save on cost (but ended being less efficient anyway)
  • …worried about being liable for contractors’ PAYE & employee NI come the IR35 rule change in April 2020
What they do with Unifiii Managed Service
  • Some use a partial FTE, others hold a block of hours/days and draw down as and when they need to
  • They have access to a team of ServiceNow consultants with a variety of expertise
  • They leave that to Dave (our head of Managed Service) and the team so that they can focus on the important stuff
  • Pay for a block of service hours/days once and only use them when the work is there
  • Tell Dave to deal with it (he does)
  • They have one less thing to worry about – we’re a consultancy with full time staff so we don’t have to worry about that (so nor do our clients)
Why it works for them
  • “It’s a very efficient model – we only pay for work that is being done and not for the downtime in between!”
  • “We’re paying the same amount for the knowledge of an Elite partner as we did for previous individual contractors”
  • “Having a team on call that I don’t have to recruit, train or manage and who can deal with burst-capacity requests is a game-changer”
  • “I could probably find a cheaper contractor but I’m no longer paying for time, I’m paying for outcomes and it makes budgeting so much easier”
  • “We get the benefits of off-shore support, with a UK team management/QC layer”
  • “IR35 could have been a real headache for us had we not moved from using contract staff to Unifii Managed Service”

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