Deliver IT services and applications seamlessly no matter what’s going on

ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management solution (ITOM) helps IT teams intelligently deliver the services your employees need to support business growth and customer experience.

94% of enterprises already use a cloud service*

But when there are multiple clouds, with multiple vendors, each with its own management interface and a few outdated datacentres too – how do IT teams keep track of everything?

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The three stages to successfully managing IT services

Gain visibility of your entire enterprise infrastructure and map each service to discover its wider impact

Take advantage of big data and machine learning to intelligently prioritise and automatically fix issues

Use insights to take control of IT spending and scale your infrastructure where and when it’s needed most

Gain visibility of your infrastructure

Whether on the cloud or an onsite database, every service and application needs to be stored somewhere and managing disparate systems is a time consuming job. ServiceNow’s® ITOM Visibility tool helps IT teams rediscover their portfolio of services and consolidate them in a single environment for simpler management. The platform maps every asset and resource, right down to individual components and relationships, providing both a complete view of the estate as well as a deep understanding of how every part impacts the wider dynamic.

Intelligently manage service health

Minimal downtime and up-to-date services are an indicator of great infrastructure health – getting to this point is much easier with the ServiceNow® ITOM Health tool. With assets mapped, the platform uses Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) to create smart workflows based on urgency. Using an intuitive colour coded interface, issues are automatically flagged and prioritised by potential impact across the business. AIOps then suggests mediation options to automatically fix each problem quickly and smoothly.

Optimise your infrastructure costs

IT spend on enterprise cloud is exploding, so understanding expenditure is becoming increasingly important. With a mapped, healthy infrastructure, ServiceNow’s® ITOM Optimisation tool provides insights which identify opportunities to save money. The platform analyses usage and operational cost data to provide smart insights about services that provide the greatest value – and those that don’t. It also minimises waste, using usage data to recommend infrastructure resizing and scaling, whilst also automatically turning off applications out of office hours when usage is lower.

Built intelligently for better business decisions

At every stage of the journey, ServiceNow provides intelligent tools which help businesses make smart decisions.

Create end-to-end maps of your services as they flow across multiple clouds and on-premises infrastructure. Then seamlessly share configuration information with other ServiceNow applications.

Use advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to correlate events and reduce noise by up to 99%*. Instead of drowning in event data, you immediately see what’s important.

Understand exactly who or what is consuming your budget using the Cloud Insights feature. The intuitive dashboard displays high-level aggregate views as well as fine-grained cost analysis.

*Powering IT operation in a cloud-first world – Download

Supporting employees with a modern IT infrastructure

There are an abundance of services which support employee productivity, business operations, customer relations and much more. Managing the health and cost effectiveness of these can be a headache, however with the right solution, a modern IT infrastructure can be simple, accurate and adaptable.

With ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management solution, IT teams benefit from enhanced visibility, minimal downtime and intelligent cost optimisation which filters throughout the business. The IT infrastructure becomes a stable and scalable foundation, delivering enterprise services directly to the employees who need them, no matter where they are.

Intelligently managed services support employee productivity, raise business output and drive increased customer satisfaction; who wouldn’t want that?

The Unifii promise

We combine years of enterprise knowledge, industry best practice and the latest innovations, to implement technologies which support big ambitions. Passionately focused on platforms and services that builds better connections, we work closely with our customers to ensure the best solutions are provided as simply and intelligently as possible.

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