The three stages of successful IT Operations Management

The IT department is constantly evolving, having to adapt to IT transformation on an almost daily basis, especially in times of uncertainty. More than ever employees need access to a plethora of services and applications, all of which have to be managed and maintained whilst also remaining cost-effective. ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management tool (ITOM) is a cloud-based platform designed to consolidate and simplify this process, transforming old, manual ways of working into modern smart workflows. 

The platform is designed with three key stages – visibility, health and optimisation. Let’s take a look at each in a little more detail: 


In this stage of discovery, ServiceNow’s ITOM helps IT teams unearth the different assets across their organisation. In many instances, services are scattered between onsite datacentres and multiple clouds from multiple vendors, each with its own proprietary management interface; with no common operating model, managing every service becomes time consuming, complex and a bit of a mess.

Using ServiceNow’s ITOM, business can consolidate disparate services onto one platform in one central location, establishing a complete, current and accurate view of resources and assets. From here the platform maps the systems behind each service, providing a detailed web of every resource and its technical dependencies in real time. The mapping process identifies communication flows and relationships, so an IT team can visualise the inner workings of each asset and its impact on the infrastructure as a whole.

This detailed visibility provides a overarching view of the IT estate as both a single infrastructure and its component parts. With this knowledge, managing infrastructure health and optimisation becomes a lot simpler. 


With discovery and mapping in place, IT teams can visualise their entire infrastructure, even those deployed in private cloud environments or outside ITOM. It’s a valuable process that’s enhanced by ServiceNow’s Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps). Using big data, machine learning and some handy colour coding, AIOps helps IT teams resolve issues quickly and maintain optimum service quality.  

In the intuitive dashboard, the colour coded system is applied to the overall service infrastructure, individual assets and their components identified in the mapping process. When issues arise, a colour change flags problems and prioritises them in a smart workflow based on urgency. AIOps decides criticality by automatically analysing relationships, business importance and usage data. It raises issues which have the biggest infrastructure or end user impact, to the top of the list and once prioritised, suggests mediation options and actionable insights to automatically fix each one. 


So far, ITOM has helped visualise the infrastructure and intelligently prioritise and resolve issues. Employees now experience less downtime and can rely on the services they need for productivity, no matter where they are working. The final stage is cost optimisation.  

Using ITOM Optimisation’s Cloud Insights feature, IT teams can easily determine who or what is using which services. Combined with billing and usage data, the cost of every asset is revealed and leveraged against its business impact – so if the numbers don’t add up, there’s a clear saving to be made. These insights also recommend infrastructure resizing based on usage and trends, helping IT teams know when to scale services to best support the business. This might mean scaling back or quickly ramping up, but either way the decision is based on intelligence. 

Finally, insights will show where services can be turned off to save costs, aligning service up-time direct to business hours and usage. Nothing is wasted; IT teams can better manage the growth of cloud and software spend, whilst reducing operational costs and maintaining quality services that both employees and customers need. 


Times of unprecedented change make us realise what’s important – for business that’s creating an exceptional, uninterrupted experience for customers and employees. This starts with supporting the health and flexibility of IT operations, who with the right tools can create smart workflows; use automation and AI to improve efficiency; and intelligently deliver IT services. Importantly this foundation paves the way for smoother operations, helping employees work faster and increasing overall productivity. It’s a no brainer, no matter what’s going on in the world. 

To book a demo of ServiceNow’s incredible IT Operations Management platform give us a call; we’d love to get you started today.

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